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Sports Psychology & Neuro Linguistics

For many riders it is not their ability that holds them back it is their mindset. I'm sure we've all had that nasty nagging voice in our head telling us we can't, or bringing sometimes irrational fears to the surface, or even other people knocking your confidence.

Amanda believes no one needs to be controlled by negativity and has spent many years studying the positive effects of music.

She has studied NLP (neuro linguistic programming), 'sports psychology,' plus  the psychology of music and rhythm, believing that in depth research and study not only benefits her, but also give her tools to ensure  every rider can achieve their very best.

So many people think they will choose music by counting beats per minute, but Amanda's research has shown that the type of music you use is very important to the way your horse responds.

She has had great success 'tuning in' to each horse and can find melodies that calm  or energise ,encourage, and instil true even rhythm in all horses.

You and your horse can enjoy music together, giving you the feeling of total harmony.

"I first met Amanda at RoR camp, since then Amanda has trained and mentored me, she’s given me the ability to believe in myself and my horses, I now have the confidence to compete at national level and Amanda is always there to help and support, and I can’t thank her enough." - Tracy Williams

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