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About Us

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Amanda is an experienced rider and competitor and began riding dressage to music herself in the early nineties.

 She first thought about using music to enhance the riding experience when she was working as an instructor at her local Riding for the Disabled.

 It helped her riders achieve rhythmic and more forward paces form their horse, and the music became a great way of communicating an idea to riders she was unable to verbalise with.

 Amanda was then challenged by her instructor to get her own horse to Hickstead (in a music class) by the same time the next year.

 The gauntlet was down and so the journey began!

 She  can not describe how wonderful it felt to trot down the centre line of The International Arena with my music playing loudly over the entire show ground.


Her adventures have grown from there riding and competing many breeds of horse, and training in her beloved Portugal. It is their sense of passion she hopes to infuse into your experience too.

You will see some images here of her riding Eborio her pure bred Veiga Lusitano, she calls him her 'Pegasus' because music should really give you wings!


Amanda is married to Peter Birch , he is a musician, and they work together in their studio to edit and arrange their musical creations



"I absolutely love what I do..It truly is the best job in the world. The riders that I work with return to clinics time and time again,its not just about creating tests, its about enjoying working with your horse 100%"

"Over the years we have created a music family, we support one another and glory in success ,whether its our own or another one of the ABDM team.' 

This is all about you so feel free to contact me to discus what I can do to make your riding life even more special"

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