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Welcome to the wonderful experience of riding your horse to music.


Amanda is totally passionate about every horse and rider experiencing the exhilarating feeling of harmony when working with your horse and the perfect music. She works with riders of all levels and arrives  armed with a professional public address system and a myriad of tracks to ensure you get the perfect music to raise your equine experience to a new level.

Amanda { commonly known as Aunty Music}  arrives with a positive attitude, masses of enthusiasm, and many exciting ideas for  music and choreography designed to make the day a total joy.

Here at Amanda Birch Dressage Music we create some wonderful dressage freestyle tests that are completely designed for each individual combination, however dressage riders are not the only ones to benefit from working to music;  clients include event horses, show jumpers, leisure riders, display riders and riding/pony clubs who recognise the benefits of working to the perfect rhythm. You may not have experienced this approach to providing music before.


Many people happily send off a video and have the music edited to it, but the joy of Amanda's method is that you truly get to experience the feeling of your music. Of course ABDM can still provide music to your own video.

We work with riders across the globe via Zoom and video links to design and perfect tests remotely, so don't hesitate to get in touch even if you cant make it to one of the clinics

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The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Limited (MCPS) licence the physical copying of music (physically and digitally) needed to get music from a CD or iTunes (etc) into a dressage routine. This only applies to our editing service where we use music not composed by us.We can guide you through licensing your music. Music supplied by someone other than the copyright holder without an MCPS licence is illegal to use the music in public .The Performing Rights Society (PRS) are charged with licensing the underlying composition. So, where PPL remunerate whoever owns and performed on a version of a song, PRS cover the rights of the composer. The venue you perform at should have a PRS licence.

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