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Clinics & Camps

Clinics are fantastic for professional and amateur riders alike,we welcome spectators at the invitation of the organiser

The events can really be described as 'No experience required.'

Of course you need a horse and to feel happy to ride in a clinic environment, but we offer full support for the nervous horse or rider. Amanda has studied sport psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming and the psychology of music, she uses these to assist you to get your self into the 'zone' mentally. 

The horses get security from the correct music and find it much easier to work with their rider when they are both in harmony. Because we have all the equipment, organisers just need to provide a safe environment, we do the rest.

We attends residential camps at some of the countries top event centres, providing intensive training often resulting in a competition on the final day. These camps are fun and a great experience giving you the chance to bond with like minded looking to enjoy a fantastic holiday doing what they love.


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